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Cruise Guide Training has Brought WFTGA and Progress International the Right Combination

The below article was featured in Off Radar Cruise News and distributed to the Maritime Community:

Synergy between two successful entities, brings to the Tourist and Cruise Industries, a balanced recipe for success; WFTGA (World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations) and Progress International. Progress International, in general consults WFTGA; plus, promotes three main Cruise Guide Training products that are tailored-made to continue the high standards of the expected professionalism in Tourist Guides around the world.

Progress International, is an accredited company by WFTGA, who tailor create training courses for the popular genre of the Cruise Shipping Industry and the new popular River Cruising Division. Their cooperation dates back to 2008 when WFTGA considered Progress International to have the international standard and good practices for guiding courses needed for the cruising division due to the close relationship already established and approved by a number of leading cruising lines. Progress’s strong reputation was built on their popular Methodology Training of crew around the world that enhances professionalism and know-how throughout a wide variety of necessary subjects required for each individual cruise line’s needs.

Currently, a training product has been rolled out in several parts of the world. The Cruise Guide Training Online has proved to be overwhelmingly popular with a steady stream of requests from participating WFTGA affiliated Tourist Guides. The Cruise Guide Training product will soon be updated to incorporate all key data recorded in 2011. What’s more, Progress is presently completing a new River Cruises section. And still, more information on Safety is being implemented following the tragic incident affecting the Costa Concordia.

This training is energetic and grounded to keep up with the growing demands in the cruising industry to delivery well trained Tourist Guides in providing vital information the passengers are looking for when traveling to new and far destinations. To comprehend and appreciate the demands of the passengers is imperative. A Tourist Guide is key in the ability to provide a well educated service before the asking. This will create a positive impact on the industry with results that satisfy the passenger, the cruise line and the Tourist Guide.

A brief view of the programme training by Progress International for WFTGA is:

1. Cruise Guide Training - 3 days:
  • This is a LIVE Training product delivered to groups by senior WFTGA Trainers who have been formally trained by Progress International.
  • Training is available to any destination in the world and is targeted to emerging destinations within the Cruise Industry.
  • The course itself is in depth and provides a comprehensive structure to know how to guide for the Cruise Ship Industry. 
2. Cruise Guide Training - 1 day:
  • This is also a LIVE Training product delivered to groups by senior WFTGA Trainers who have been formally trained by Progress International.
  • Training is available to any destination in the world and is targeted to more established destinations within the Cruise Ship Industry. 
  • The course is not as detailed, assuming, that the Tourist Guides already have Cruise Guiding experience. 
3. Cruise Guide Training Online:
  • As stated, this is an online Training product at a cost of €25 per individual participant.
  • Cruise Guide Training Online is based on the 3 day Training course.
  • The concept is to give WFTGA registered Tourist Guides the opportunity to individually take the course regardless of where they are located in the world.
  • All courses above are certificated by Progress International and the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.
  • The course is not available for Tourist Guides who are licensed to an association that is not affiliated with the WFTGA. 
  • All participants that have already completed a Cruise Guide Training course will be entitled to the updated information via an online download. All former participants will be informed by email.
For WFTGA affiliated Tourist Guides who have not already tried Cruise Guide Training Online, the course provides a valuable insight to the Cruise Ship Industry and the WFTGA certificates all successful participants. To register simply click the
About Progress International:

Progress International, like WFTGA, keeps to a defined standard of excellence. Progress International’s own design of Methodology brings quick results and incredible confidence to those who have been trained by them. The Progress International Training Methodology incorporates accelerated learning techniques, a high level of inter-action through task setting, elements of NLP and a multi-sensorial experience to aid memory retention within a well-defined Training Cycle. From Progress International the principal objectives for WFTGA are:
  • To give global access to the Cruise Guide Training resources to all WFTGA members. 
  • To empower tourist guides within the cruise ship industry and give them a collective voice. 
  • To collaborate and optimize synergy with cruise lines and tour operators within the industry. 
  • To eradicate the use of unqualified tourist guides within the cruise ship industry. 
  • To support the promotion by tourist guides of the host cruise destination in their role of tourist ambassadors. 
To learn more about Progress International Tourism & Business Services, LTD, go to:

About  WFTGA:
WFTGA spans the four corners of the globe embracing Tourist Guides from Great Britain and Europe to Egypt; from the United States and Canada to South America; from Finland to Hong Kong; from Greece to Thailand; From Australia to Russia and many more (view full Membership list at:

WFTGA’s beginning was an original proposal that was put forth at the first International Convention of Tourist Guides in February of 1985. Later in 1987, at the second Convention in Vienna, WFTGA was formally registered as a non-profit, non-political organisation through Austrian law. Every year since, WFTGA has impressively grown to include 70 countries with over 200,000 individual Tourist Guides. Their network is the only amazingly global forum of its kind that brings professional Tourist Guides together. They consistently keep on current industry changes and have a full on training programme to help train new Tourist Guides looking for a fun and exciting career, and, they have an on-going training programme for new developments on current events and situations. Training takes places in two ways. One is at the International Training Centre: Cyprus, which new classes will begin on May 20, 2012 featuring Tourist guides who would like to become Trainers; or, Tourist Guide Trainers who would like to improve their training skills and gain WFTGA accreditation to train Tourist Guides in their own country. Details are at:

WFTGA has their own Constitution of ethics and professionalism that makes them unique and exciting. Their Aim is dedication and commitment -
  • to establishing contact with tourist guide associations, individuals, tourism training institutes throughout the world and to reinforcing their professional ties.
  • to representing professional tourist guides internationally and to promoting and protecting their interests.
  • to enhancing the image of the profession and promoting the use of area specific local Tourist Guides in all regions.
  • to promoting a universal code of ethics and skills.
  • to raising, encouraging and establishing the highest standards of professionalism.
  • to developing international training and improving the quality of guiding through education and training.
  • to facilitating the exchange of information between members.
To learn more about WFTGA, go to: